Why UShare?

  • Ride safely

    We are partnered with industry leading taxi companies that enlist drivers who are professionally trained and accredited.

  • Ride your way

    Choose between fixed or estimate pricing. We are working to add wheelchair assistance and premium services for your preference.

  • Sharing coming soon

    We are working on making it easy to share your ride with your social network or other commuters to reduce cost, congestion and your carbon footprint.

UShare Pilot Cities

  • Hamilton

  • Queenstown

Register and join one of our pilots or to be the first to know when we pilot in your city.


Our Vision

UShare’s vision is to be New Zealand’s first true ridesharing app, backed by a smart wallet. We are passionate about mobility, through seamless integration across all forms of transport.

Putting the control back in users hands, we help people save time and money while assisting to ease global issues of congestion and carbon emissions. Our purpose is to enable mobility first, making transport work better to help make our cities more livable and communities more connected.

“ By sharing, UShare helped me get around in an environmentally friendly way – this is important to me. It’s a win, win, save money... save the planet. ”
Larisa Kellett, Director of Operations, ER

UShare For Fleets

At UShare we believe in a better world, one where current transport providers and trusted professionals are part of the growing mobility market. We help professional drivers become an integral part of the ridesharing market by providing tools to enable this.

We believe in being the better option, the shared option, helping ease congestion and creating positive environmental impact. Welcome to the future of ridesharing.

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